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Exploring the power of AI

Whether you’re here to learn new skills, share your content or get answers to your questions. We’re convinced that our cutting-edge artificial intelligence combined with our quality content will enable you to quickly achieve your various goals.

Analyze your documents with the power of ”Tsaf” AI

Our Tsaf artificial intelligence, trained with millions of high-quality documents, is now able to read and analyse your documents instantly to help you browse and better understand them in a matter of seconds.


You can provide him with documents in English, Chinese, Russian… and he will explain them to you in French or Arabic.


Tsaf is able to explain complex terms in your document using his extensive memory.

Your Personnal Assistant “TSAF”

Thanks to our cutting-edge artificial intelligence connected to billions of data points on the internet, our virtual assistant called “TSAF” is the expert who will give you the best possible answers (text + voice) to all your questions and concerns in a matter of seconds, while offering you personalised recommendations of relevant content to optimise the performance of your works (writing, analysis, translation..)


Tsaf ai chatbot


Tsaf ai chatbot

Sharing knowledge

We believe that everyone has something to learn and something to teach, and Dastudy allows its subscribers to freely share their content and learn from others in over 500 areas.


Give your documents more visibility among our many readers


Your software will be widely used by our community around the world

Diversity at your fingertips

You can choose from over 20,000 documents & software provided by our community and categorized from academic, professional & cultural fields including:


(agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, aquaponics, ecology…)


(cuisine, civilisation, language, history, religion, music…)


(electronics, computers, electricity, civil engineering…)


(entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, management…)

Health & Science

(medicine, law, chemistry, physics, biology, math…)


(comics, personal development, novels, video games…)

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Read, Listen, Download, Share

Then choose a category and you will be able to read and download free documents & software and share your content with our community

Chat with TSAF

Our artificial intelligence “TSAF”, connected to the global network and available in the ‘Discussion’ menu, will provide you with relevant & instantaneous answers to all your questions & concerns

They trust us

Some Testimonials

Among the thousands of feedbacks received from our community in more than 15 countries

Tsaf, Dastudy’s virtual assistant is just magical, it helps me find answers to my questions, helps me write my presentations and my thesis.

Eliane Mandeng

Student, Cameroon

Dastudy allowed me to quickly discover new farming techniques and to modernise and improve the management of my farm.

Alain FALL

Farmer, Senegal

Through Dastudy, I have learned to promote my work and reach a wider audience, which has boosted my visibility as a writer and my international reputation.

Fadil Ouattao

Author, Ivory Coast

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